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Why Translation?

Why Translation?

Boost your commercial advantage with first-class language translation.

Accurate translation to English. Meticulous multi-language translation. Get a competitive edge in foreign markets and the multicultural Australian market with both. You don’t need to share a common language to get noticed, but you do need to communicate correctly – or you’ll be noticed for the wrong reasons! Professional translation and interpreting services will make a big difference to your business – if you get it right.

Translation to and from English builds profitable business

The global business market is highly competitive. Foreign market decision-makers now expect to conduct negotiations in their own language as a matter of course. Your business rivals will be offering this option. If you are not doing the same, you could find yourself left out of the conversation. If you are not doing it correctly, damage will be caused to your reputation and worse, legal action may even result. Not translating important information or translating it incorrectly can have serious implications.

Chin Translations breaks through language complexity to get you and your non-English speaking prospects communicating. This delivers immediate gains such as:

  • New revenue streams through previously untapped markets
  • Increased market share in foreign countries
  • Growth in multi-lingual domestic markets
  • Avoiding misunderstandings that could lead to legal repercussions
  • Greater relationship and trust building capabilities
  • Enabling your prospects to make key decisions in their own language
  • Ensuring you understand and are understood.

Language barriers should no longer obstruct your business growth and profits. Whether you require professional translation to or from English, Chin Translations will boost your business and protect your interests.

Premium end-to-end market positioning

How well your business reaches into foreign markets depends on your overall cultural understanding and fit. That means going beyond speaking in the language of your customers. You need the right language combined with solid cultural understanding. Here is where professional translators and interpreters make a big difference. Chin Translations takes your foreign language transactions to a new level.  Whether your required language translation is to English or to another language, our professional translators and interpreters ensure you understand and observe the correct etiquette and cultural customs.  This puts your business on a solid foundation in international and Australian markets.

The digital marketing evolution

With the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s 2012 report finding that 88% of the Australian population over the age of 14 uses a mobile phone and 9 million Australians check Facebook everyday, the move to digital marketing is unsurprising. With this move there is the potential to easily target people based on location demographics and interests, including language. As Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites offer themselves in most languages this allows for this information to be taken into account when ads are marketed to its users.  

According to a recent EMarketer survey (17/07/14), digital advertising is forecast to count for more than 25% of the total advertising spending in 2015. With tablet and smartphones now providing and replacing a variety of other products and services, there has been an overwhelming move to mobile news with 50% of tablet owners and 41% of smartphone users switching. This trend is also mirrored by print magazines, with 47% of tablet uses and 33% of smartphone owners making a change to mobile accessibility, as discussed in a recent EMarketer article (16/07/2014). To promote engagement, businesses often employ email subscriptions to remind consumers to access further online or in print, with click-through options also available to access content immediately. 

It has also been found that this pattern is not specific to younger people, with an even spread across age groups of those using these devices. This is important to note, as around half of the 2 million Asian-born included in the Australian population have come as students, and the median age of Chinese immigrants is around 34.5. Perhaps what is now most important is providing information or advertising that it is easily accessible in mobile format, utilizing the fact that smartphones and tablets are now used for a myriad of purposes, but reflecting on language preferences.

Advertising is now also moving to be grouped within related products, almost all products on mobile or online, advertise on their site another product, this advertising often accounting for a significant part of their revenue, much in the same way as print media. Online advertising has moved to use information about sites previously visited to then target their audience to revisit these or find similar or better priced products to sell. As discussed by Julia Angwin in The Wall Street Journal (30/07/2010): 

New technologies are transforming internet economy. Advertisers once primarily bought ads in specific Web pages… now, advertisers are paying a premium to follow people around the Internet, wherever they go, with highly specific marketing messages.” 

Facebook relies on consumers being engaged in what they are looking at to market certain products to them. This is especially relevant as almost all businesses now have social media platforms or can be liked on Facebook. This means that content can be directly published and viewed by consumers using social media, rather than relying on them to seek out the content that can be easily advertised or provided on social media. As discussed by David Moore, chairman of 24/7 RealMedia Inc “when an ad is targeted properly, it ceases to be an ad, it becomes important information.”

Larger businesses can utilize social media to promote their brand and also provide direct access to further information on tablet or smartphone friendly formats, including links to apps designed for such devices.  

Social media offers consumer and business interaction and engagement. Interaction and engagement have now been now utilized to promote. As these interactions result in publicly sharing this interaction to others on social media platforms, with commenting, liking or replies appearing as activity on newsfeeds, this freely promotes the media to the users friends and followers. Social media engagement is what should be aimed for rather than being only used to promote information or content. Interactive ads are and media are key to capturing the attention of audiences, as discussed by Ed Barnes in a ClickZ Marketing article (14/10/2013).

As digital marketing is aimed at targeting a niche market, its role in targeting speakers of languages other than English would be well utilized, especially in providing products and are available in multiple languages or serve their diverse needs within the community. 

Contact Chin Translations for all your translation needs – whatever the language.


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