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Translation for Tourism

International visitors are looking for reliable information in their native languages about studying in and visiting Australia. Tourists want to know where to stay, eat, shop and sightsee, and how to get around.  They want new experiences and will, in turn, influence others to come.  Read more about what we can offer for tourism translation.

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Educational Document Translations

The quality of your eductation document translation could make the difference in whether internation students choose your school or university.

Education translation services for universities

There is huge competition around the world to attract international students to schools and universities. In order to attract the right students for your campus you need to have the right document translation services to get your message across. The institutions which communicate best in the native languages of their students will most likely succeed.

Prospective students and their parents will make decisions based on what they understand – from education agents, and information they find.  If your information is not translated well, the decision to choose your institution, let alone find it, is much less likely.

Chin Translations works with universities, schools and colleges, carefully translating foreign language messages for over 20 years. We can give you an edge by providing:

  • Advice on appealing content and images
  • Must-have information and what you should avoid
  • Fast, appropriate translations of printed materials, website and expo collateral
  • Sensitive and accurate translation of school reports and communications
  • Consistent and accurate messaging – we get to know you and your preferences and thereby enhance your translated communications
  • Translated business card title matching so that you are not sidelined for an inappropriate title

The local migrant population also provides a significant source of enrolments. Parents need to know that they can communicate with you in their language and it's important to promote that capability in your marketing materials. They’ll be more likely to choose your school if they see you are sensitive to their needs.

Reach the all-important Chinese market more easily

It is important when targetting Chinese students (local and international) to consider social media – in particular Sina Weibo – which has a huge audience and wields great influence. Most universities are actively engaged on social media. Chin Translations, through its parent, Chin Communications, has developed a unique social media offering for the Chinese market through the Sina Weibo platform. This is especially effective for schools, universities and colleges, but needs to be set up and managed with great care. Contact our Weibo expert for a free consultation and reach out directly to your audience.

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