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Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Whether you are producing a video or TV program, preparing for a court case or needing the minutes of a meeting transcribed or translated, timing and accuracy are the key.

Transcription and subsequent translation must be done accurately and with great care. Whatever the language or purpose — legal proceedings, video interviews, subtitle creation — the smallest contextual, cultural and conversational nuance can alter the meaning significantly. That leaves ample room for linguistic errors and misunderstanding to enter your transcription and translation, and can have devastating or embarrassing consequences.

Whatever your transcription needs, Chin Translations has you covered. We have skilled translators and interpreters fluent in over 100 major world languages, including rare and emerging languages. Our transcription translation will be error free. We back this claim by a 100 per cent money back guarantee too. There’s simply no better way to ensure your message is fully and accurately understood, your subtitles match and make sense, or your legal case is well argued.

Whatever the purpose of your transcription, it is a good idea to discuss your requirements with Chin first.  We can make helpful suggestions to save you time and money before we start work. Contact one of our helpful translation team today on 1300 792 446

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