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Translation for Education

Prospective students and their parents will find it easier to choose your institution if you sell to them in their language.  Read more about what we can offer for education translation.


Tourism Translation Services

Contact us for all your tourism industry translation requirements. We have the experience to get your work done quickly and to the highest standards.

Accredited translating services craft tailored, culturally appealing perspectives to sell your offer

International visitors are looking for reliable information in their native languages about studying in and visiting Australia. Tourists want to know where to stay, eat, shop and sightsee, and how to get around.  They want new experiences and will, in turn, influence others to come.

Chin Translations bridges the communications gap between you and the growing market of international students and tourists. We provide:

  • Rapid translation turnaround – generally within 24 hours
  • Precision in complex sector-specific terminology
  • End-to-end, consistent translation and interpreting services
  • Advice on languages
  • Accurate translation of web, written and spoken communications
  • Assistance in preparing appropriate materials for expos
  • Desktop publishing and printing expertise
  • Advice on culturally appropriate appealing text and images.

Chin Translations has broad experience in both inbound education and tourism. What is common to both of these sectors — so important to Australia — is the need to reach the decision makers in their language and to persuade them of your advantages, against global competition.  For example, at a China Australia Tourism Conference in 2012, it was revealed that over 60% of Chinese prepare for overseas travel online. If you aren’t online using a accredited Chinese translation company, you won’t be found by this growing, affluent group. Our tourism industry translation experience helps our clients succeed.

Don’t underestimate the importance of expos – tourism or education – for reaching key influencers.  Participation at such events signals you are serious about their market.  You can connect with the all-important agents who influence decisions. You can show them that you cater for their clients in their language/s.

Quality-assured, accredited translating and interpreting services

Education and tourism providers are operating in rapidly growing, competitive global markets. International audiences everywhere want to communicate in their native tongue. So the need for accurate, timely and accredited professional translation agencies has never been greater. Chin Translations is the only Australian translation services provider to offer a 100% money back guarantee. That is because our NAATI accredited translators go beyond translation to ensure your offering, etiquette and understanding are all culturally sound and highly appealing to students, their parents and tourists.

Premium native language translation on paper

Putting your communication in print is a big commitment, especially when that communication is in a language that is not your own. Chin professional translators are fully versed in language publishing protocols. So you can be sure your website, presentation and multimedia communication is precise, while striking the right tone.

Chin Translations offers desktop publishing expertise and quality printing solutions. We deliver a whole suite of accredited translation services to assist education and tourism providers.

Chinese Audience - communicate directly with our tourism translation service and beat the competition.

Chin Translations, through its parent, Chin Communications, has developed a unique social media offering for the Chinese market through the Sina Weibo platform. This is especially effective for schools, universities, colleges and tourism operators, but needs to be set up and managed with great care. Early adopters are finding this a key way to influence and win business from China. Contact our Weibo expert for a free consultation and reach out directly to your audience.

Contact us to discuss your inbound tourism translation or education translation requirements on 1300 792 446.

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