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Looking for a leading multimedia translation solution?

Put a leading Australian language service provider to work.

Chin Translations professionally translates multimedia solutions into over 100 different languages and dialects.

Multimedia Translation Services

Master multimedia fluency with professional translations

Our services are backed by over 20 years’ experience — not to mention a 100 per cent money back guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else. Many global businesses have benefited from Chin Translations services, which include:

  • Experience in many languages and media
  • A NAATI accredited team at the forefront of translation
  • Unmatched service efficiency and delivery
  • Specialist advice for your multimedia translation needs
  • Video, audio and social media translation

Your team at the forefront of multimedia translation

Modern communication technology encompasses so many different mediums both online and offline. When it comes to ensuring your multimedia suite speaks to global markets, there is no stronger partner than Chin Translations. You will enjoy an advanced centralised multimedia translation solution. Select from our:

All under one roof.

Make your mark with multimedia translation

Global reach demands culturally correct and effective multimedia translation. Chin Translations is committed to staying at the forefront of translation in all these media. We keep up to date with international technology and provide you with your multimedia sales pitch localised for your important markets.

Ask Chin Translations about a world-class multimedia translation solution tailored to your needs. Contact one of our team on 1300 792 446.

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