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Personal Document Translation

Accurate, certified translations to meet immigration and government requirements, fast!  Click here to read more about our Personal Document Translation.


Local Migrant Translation Services

First-class migration document translation

Deadlines, NAATI accredited translations and immediate service – all are vital when applying for a visa or making an appeal. No matter what language you need translated, Chin Translations understands the need for accurate, stamped migration document translations to satisfy the requirements of Department of Immigration and Border Protection and help you meet the requirements for migration.

Whether you need personal document translation services for a permanent, temporary, work or visitor visa, you can depend on Chin Translations. Our experienced immigration document translators are NAATI qualified. Every day in many different languages, we help clients get their documents ready in time.

Immigration translation experts who speak your language

Chin Translations has your migration communication needs covered. We have fluent translation specialists in every language, whether you are from:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Pacific Region
  • Middle East
  • Latin America.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee to ensure we translate correctly. And you can also rest assured that we satisfy Australia’s strict migration translation standards. Each of our translators is qualified to prepare translations of your visa documentation with a NAATI translator stamp and certification. That validates your application for smoother processing.

Translation timing is imperative for the immigration process

When you want to get through the visa process as quickly as possible, and meet that urgent cut off time, our experienced immigration document translators offer a complete and easy solution including:

  • Fast migration translation of your documents to speed your process
  • Accurate translation to meet the requirements of the Department of Immigration
  • A full grasp of different terminology in your language
  • Total confidentiality so your privacy is assured at all times.

Accurate translations of legal documents, financial information, education qualifications, medical certificates

Maybe you are applying for a loan, or wish to return to study. Let us ensure that your documents are translated to English correctly and fast, so that you don’t miss out.

Perhaps you need a lawyer to assist with buying a house or going to court.  Chin Translations translates many legal documents and legal communications into English and into your language so that your rights are protected and you fully understand. Your chance of success is greatly improved with good translations.

Reaching non-native english speakers

Just Landed is an existing site that operates a specialized multilingual housing and job portal for people moving abroad. This site houses ads for a variety of markets, housing and business alike used by those emigrating. Its content is sourced from businesses who pay to market to those viewing the site. It functions in a variety of different countries, and uses country guides, an expat directory, a housing portal and job market and even classifieds to help those abroad to find services for themselves within the country they are moving into, in a variety of languages.

In regard to property, Juwai is an online website that lists homes around the world in Chinese, and is heavily used by Chinese investors as well as immigrants in searching for and purchasing land in Australia. It provides both English and Chinese language and includes details about the area and its amenities.

Online Real estate sites including are now also diversifying and offering vendors the chance to upgrade their profile by having it professionally translated into Chinese, providing a free quick chat with Chinese buyers to enquire online, and marketing it for Chinese buyers in their own language. 

Banks are now also increasingly providing information in more languages, with the Commonwealth Bank providing its site in English, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Chinese, including information specific to each of these languages home country, especially in relation to moving to Australia. Similarly ANZ, provides its online banking services in Chinese, Cambodian, Indonesian and Vietnamese.  

In regard to providing information to those of a linguistically diverse background City Councils are increasingly providing information in a range of languages, to enable better access and understanding of issues and policies within the community. Particularly in regions where there is a high percentage of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) residents, this can be noticed, with information and services provided in the popular languages. At higher government levels this can also be seen, with some government advertising campaigns, including the National Tobacco Campaign: Quit, provided in languages other than English to make these more accessible to CALD communities. Marketing to these communities in these languages is particularly common in health related campaigns, with BreastScreen Victoria also recently providing free breast screens to those of the CALD community to promote awareness.

Radio Advertising seems to also be used strongly, as it is broadcast on radio stations specific to the language group. Community radio stations are becoming more accessible especially in communities where there is a large concentration of a particular language group. Advertising for language specific newsletters and newspapers are also being used to promote products specific to these CALD groups.

With the huge increase of Indian born residents living in Melbourne - now over 340,000 according to the last census in 2011- there has been a growing influx of those practicing Hinduism in Australia. In Victoria 275,521 people identified as Hindu, with at least six temples in Victoria providing cultural centres and meeting places for those practicing the religion. Most temples provide a website often with links to classifieds, and advertising room on websites and in newsletters. This is another way of reaching people who make up a particular culturally and linguistically diverse group, its provision would be similar in other religious groups who speak a particular language such as Arabic speakers who would predominantly practice Islam. What is important is to ensure that targeting consumers in their own language, and is done in a culturally appropriate manner.

Professional Translation Services

If you need to communicate in another language, or need your important documents translated into English, Chin Translations is here to help you get it right

Put our leading migration document translation services to work for you. You can email us, telephone us on 1300 792 446, or bring your documents to our office – Level 4, 221 Queen Street, Melbourne and discuss what you need.


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