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Business Card Translation Services

Business Card Translation Services

Your business card is a very important part of the first impression you make. So when it comes to doing business in international markets, effective business card translation is vital. If you were the Company Secretary, you wouldn’t want your title translated as ‘Eternal Lesser Typist’!

We deliver end-to-end business card translation services in over 100 major world languages. Plus we are the only Australian translation service to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Why consider our business card translations?

If you are serious about doing business internationally, quality business cards are essential. Great business relationships are built on trust and respect. Presenting your business card in the language of your audience demonstrates both, especially when they are done by a professional you too can trust.

Chin Translations understands the unique hierarchy of names and titles appropriate for individual countries. We’ll consult with you on your overall aims and target markets, so we ensure your business card structure is culturally effective. Every business card translation we do is performed by NAATI accredited translators. That is why Chin Translations can also guarantee your business cards will be accurate, affordable and prompt.

To make sure you get the right business cards when you need them, our services includes:

  • Consultation and appropriate translation
  • Design and layout
  • Fast printing and delivery.

For your important business card translations, contact Chin Translations today on 1300 792 446.

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